How to Amend Your Soil

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Some simple steps you need to take to prepare your plants growth medium:

Healthy, vibrant lawns and gardens begin with enriched soils. But, central and southern Colorado soil is anything but rich. Composed of various combinations of clay, sand, and harmful ingredients, our native topsoil contains very few nutrients, if any at all. Some of it may look black and rich, but this topsoil often is the cause of garden failure.

The top 6 inches of soil of any lawn or garden in the region should be amended. An amended soil conserves water. It is fortified to generate and deliver nutrients to its plants. Healthy plants, in turn, stay disease-free. A healthy soil also combats weeds and creates a living environment for micronutrients. Just as important, an amended, enriched soil brings the results and beauty that you want for your property.

Don's produces 15 different kinds of soil amendments to do that job! Come in and talk to experts who have been doing this since 1952!

Step 1. Use a rototiller to properly loosen the soil so the root system can go deep, and if necessary, allow the soil amendments to reach the proper depth.

Step 2. Call or visit Don's garden shop! Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in deciding what amendment is the best for your lawn or garden and determine how much you'll need. Be sure to have your lawn measurements!

Step 3. Spread the soil amendment 1"-1 1/4" deep over the entire lawn or garden area.

Step 4. Rototill to a depth of 6" going over all areas twice to ensure proper distribution.

Step 5. You are ready to plant! See our tips on seeding and planting to begin!


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