You have purchased a quality soil from don's garden shop. These are a few helpful hints for you to get optimum results from your new soil:

Currently because of our DRY weather our soils are HYDROPHOBIC (doesn’t want to accept water)

When putting your soil in your garden or flower bed, do it in layers and water each layler to get it wet. You do not need to get it MUDDY, but it should be moist before going to the next layer.

Here are some simple steps you need to take to prepare your plants growth medium:

Landscaper planting a potted plant in soil

Step 1. Use a soil activator (like revive or fertilome’s spreader sticker) to help the soil absorb water. This is helpful when you first get your soil and then use as needed for our dry conditions. Midway through the summer is a good time to apply another application. this keeps the soil absorbing water as it should.

Step 2. Fertilize your garden/flowers/vegetables every 3-4 weeks with a quality dry or liquid fertilizer. We recommend fertilomes gardeners special in liquid or granular, fox farm products, soil mender products, fish emulsion (5-1-1) or any other quality fertilizer.

Step 3. Do not over water! these soils may contain polymers or humus to help hold the water. Dig down 5 or 6 inches a couple times a week to determine the need for water.

Step 4. Mulch your garden/flowers/vegetables. 3” to 4” inches of mulch will help conserve water but will also keep the sun from baking a crust on the top of the soil. This crust resists the water you apply. Sometimes you can water everyday, but it will not get to the root because of this "crust".


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